TL;DR stands for Token Launch Digital Relations.

The idea behind the name is that token is not always a coin, and more importantly token is a new definition of relations between people and projects, so the little piece of technology reshapes the relations. Of course we also mean that successful digital strategy for public relations is essential for a large scale token launch.

The abbreviation is also known as an essential para of text preceding a longread article from which you understand the core of the idea. This is the philosophy of TL;DR — first things first and get your grips together within the shortest attention span you can attract from your customers in the modern world.

Nik Bezhko
Community building, creative direction

Ilya KhanykovFinancial sector executive turned high-tech entrepreneur with experience in internet, agtech, biotech and aviation

Ivan KosovIdeologist, PR, communications

Kirill ElaginDigital Marketing and analytics

Toomas AllmereMultifaceted finance executive with more than 25 years of experience across a diverse set of industries. Adept at ICO (ITL) and blockchain technology. expert

Artem Kharchenko
IT entrepreneur, information security expert, expert

Moscow, Russia